St. Brigid's Well

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  • Saint Brigid

St. Brigid's Well in Co. Kildare is a popular place of pilgrimage. It is thought to have healing properties. The well is situated in the grounds of the Black Abbey, which was founded in 1212 by the Knights Hospitaller, it is now in ruins. There are wells associated with St. Brigid throughout Ireland, Some of the wells are known to people who do not live near them, a few examples are:-

  • 'Dabhach Bhríde' in Liscannor, Co Clare.
  • ‘Sruth Bhríde’ in Faughart near Dundalk, Co Louth.
  • ‘Tobar Bride’ in Oughtaragh, near Ballinamore, Co Leitrim

There is also a well dedicated to St. Brigid near the Church of Ireland, in Castleknock, Dublin which supplies water to a pump.

Holy wells are a place of pilgrimage it was a tradition to visit the nearest well dedicated to St. Brigid to ask for healing and fertility in the family, livestock and crops, on her feast day, the 1st of February, the 1st day of spring (lambing season).

Can you think of a holy well connected to a particular saint in your local area? Perhaps you could pay it a visit.


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Photo at St Brigid's Well