Kilkenny in 1802

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  • Moments in Kilkenny History

A Snapshot of Kilkenny in 1802

In this section, we will look at Co. Kilkenny in 1802, examining certain aspects of what life was like for the people at that time.

Take a look at the map on the left, which dates from 1802. It shows Kilkenny divided into baronies, which are administrative areas. Baronies are divided into townlands. There were about 800 townlands in Kilkenny in 1802.

For religious administration, the county was divided into parishes. Every parish had at least one church. The barony boundaries and the parish boundaries were not connected. This worked in some people's favour, as in 1800, when an illegal distillery was found in a clergyman's home. He escaped punishment because of a lack of agreement about the jurisdiction in which his case should be heard.