Dressed for Work

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Dressed for Success

We wear clothes for many different reasons: to keep us warm, because we like the different colours and styles and to express our personalities.

The weather influences what we wear too. What would you wear on a warm, sunny day? What would you wear on a cold, wet winter's day? If you were going out to play a game of Gaelic football or tennis, would you dress differently than if you were going to school?

In this photograph, students in Navan, Co. Meath are playing a tennis match in the typical sportswear of the 1930s. As you can see, the skirts they wore then were much longer than tennis skirts are today.

Sometimes, we have to wear certain clothes for a particular purpose. At school, most children have to wear a special uniform that shows which school they attend.

Some adults wear uniforms when they go to work. Can you think of any jobs where it is necessary to wear a uniform?


Firefighters wear uniforms. These uniforms are made from special materials that can help protect them from burns. They wear helmets to protect their heads and strong boots to protect their feet. In this photograph, you can see that the uniforms also have yellow reflective strips.

This man is chopping wood using a chainsaw. Can you see what he is wearing on his head? It is a helmet with a shield to protect his eyes. He is also wearing earmuffs to protect his ears from the noise of the chainsaw. The men watching him are also wearing protective clothing.

Do you recognise the woman in this picture? She is the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese. She is dressed in a smart suit. She often wears suits like this for important functions. Next to her is a county official. He is wearing a chain of office. When he wears the chain, it means he is on official business.

These two men are farmers. They are gathering hay together in stacks, using old-fashioned methods. They are wearing jackets, trousers and caps. Many older farmers dress this way. The jackets they are wearing were probably once their best, but once they got old and worn they decided to wear them when working. Younger farmers often wear jeans, overalls and fleece jackets.