Homes in Meath

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  • Aspects of Co. Meath

Houses and Heritage Sites

Some of the most important pre-historic sites in Western Europe are located in Co. Meath, such as Newgrange, Brú na Bóinne, Loughcrew and the Hill of Tara. These show a long settlement history in the county. These sites sit alongside castles, grand mansions, thatched cottages, modern bungalows and recent housing developments.

Meath is well known for its rich, flat farmland with fields enclosed by hedges and trees. Meath's long farming tradition is responsible for the many large farmhouses in the county, which are often close to yards with sheds and stables for livestock.

In this section, we will look back in time at the history of some of Meath's big houses. We will also look at modern housing developments in the county.