Dolls and Doll's Houses

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  • Aspects of Co. Meath

Children have always loved playing with dolls. Porcelain dolls were popular in the early twentieth century. Their faces and hands were made from porcelain and their bodies were made from soft material. Sometimes, their hair was made from real human hair.

These dolls were realistic looking and were dressed in fine clothes. They were expensive, and not every little girl was lucky enough to own one. They were also very delicate, as porcelain is a fragile material. These days, porcelain dolls can still be bought but they are rarely played with. Some people like to collect them and use them for ornamental purposes. Many old porcelain dolls are highly sought after antiques.

The doll's house in this photograph is an example from the early twentieth century. It is a miniature version of a grand house and would have been furnished inside with tiny examples of elegant furniture. Doll's houses are still popular today, although the materials used to build them have changed. In the past, wood was used to construct many toys, whereas plastics are used more often today.

In the 1950s and 1960s, more and more toys were made using plastic. This new material meant that toys could be produced on a larger scale and made available to more children. Plastic dolls were also easier to play with because they did not break as easily as porcelain dolls.