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  • Aspects of Co. Meath

Recreation in Meath

Today, we spend more time and money on leisure activities than previous generations. Although many people spend a lot of time travelling to and from work, they generally use the weekends to relax. These days, with a little help from technology, household chores like washing and ironing clothes do not take as long as they once did.

Play areas have become a feature of towns across the country, including those in Meath. As towns increase in size, it is important that children have safe places to play outdoors. Playgrounds are great places to meet your friends and make new ones. Modern play areas feature equipment made from wood and plastic.

Outings to the beach are as popular today as they were in the past. Bettystown beach has been a popular summer destination for many Meath families for generations. This wide, sandy beach is perfect for building sandcastles or even burying a brother or sister!

There are twelve libraries in Meath. As well as lending books, libraries often offer additional services. They provide a quiet place to study or research. Many libraries have computers where you can use the Internet. In some libraries, you can even listen to a librarian read a story during story time.