Flora and Fauna

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  • Aspects of Offaly

An Inhospitable Habitat

Boglands have a low-nutrient soil and are waterlogged most of the time. The plants that grow on this inhospitable soil are specially adapted to these conditions.

The most common plants are Sphagnum mosses, bog cotton, heathers, purple moor grasses and black bog rushes. One very interesting plant is butterwort. Butterwort is an insectivorous plant, which means it attracts and eats insects.

The bog cotton provides masses of fluffy white heads in late spring and summer. In late summer and autumn, the pink and purple carpet of heathers covers the upland slopes and valleys of the hills.


Boglands are not the most welcoming habitats for many types of animals, birds and insects. This is because boglands are wet and have little food or cover, such as trees.

However, boglands are still home to various animals that like that environment. Birds like the snipe, curlew, skylark and kestral nest in the safety of boglands. The fox, deer, hare and otter live there too. Frogs are plentiful.

Dragonflies, craneflies, moths and butterflies are among the insects that like this habitat.