Aspects of County Wexford

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  • Aspects of County Wexford



County Wexford is located in the 'sunny south-east' of Ireland. It is known as Ireland's sunny south-east because of its high amount of sunshine.

The county has a total area of 2,352km squared. Let's look at the geography of County Wexford in greater depth.

Wexford is one of 12 counties that make up the province of Leinster. Despite being on the coast, it shares a border with four other counties. They are Wicklow to the north, Carlow to the northwest, Kilkenny to the west and Waterford to the southwest.

Wexford, from Hook Head to Coolgreany, is roughly 55 miles in length and its breadth is 29 miles from New Ross to Carnsore Point.


According to the census in 2006, the population of County Wexford is 131,615. This represents a huge increase of 15,019 or 12.9% from the population figure for 2002 (116,596). 71% (10,700) of this rise is due to inward migration while the rest is down to a natural increase (number of births - number of deaths).

66,001 of these are males while the remaining 65,614 are females. Wexford's population is roughly 6% of the whole population for the province of Leinster.