St Kevin

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  • Wicklow history

The Monastic City of Glendalough

One of the greatest of all Irish monastic sites is at Glendalough. It is associated with St. Kevin, who is thought to have died there in the year 618. He originally went there to seek the life of contemplation as a hermit. However, others were attracted to this life and soon a thriving community of monks developed around St. Kevin.

Glendalough later became a monastic city that sent missionaries to many parts of the world. It was also a popular destination for pilgrims. St. Laurence O'Toole went to Glendalough to study in 1140 at the age of ten and was abbot there from 1153 to 1162.

Glendalough was a site of importance from the sixth to the eleventh century. The ruins of seven very old churches, including what was once a magnificent cathedral, remain there. The Drummond Missal, a book containing Irish psalms and family records, is thought to have been written in there.