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  • Wicklow history


The improved Irish economy since the early 1990s has helped Wicklow to flourish. Many new houses have been built. Better road facilities between Wiclow and Dublin have made it easier to travel to the capital.

These changes have increased Wicklow's population. As in the rest of Ireland, the population fell in the Famine years (1845-49) and throughout most of the twentieth century. However, at 126,330, Wicklow's population has now been recovered to pre-Famine levels.

With its rich history and beautiful landscape, Wicklow has come to be known as the Garden County.

Following the Vikings in 827 AD, and the Normans in 1169, these days Wicklow is invaded every year by tourists.

In the year 2000, 580,000 overnight visitors spent 136 million euro in the local economy. Of these, more than half came from overseas