Tidy Towns

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The Tidy Towns is a nationwide competition that encourages people to work together to make their community a better place. It was first started in 1958. Over the years, over one thousand different towns have participated in both rural and urban areas. People can make a difference in their area and each person can help to make it a better place to live, work and visit. It is the taking part, not the winning that is important. The towns are judged in a number of different categories.  

Here are some Tidy Towns winners:

  • Glenties, Co Donegal :Winner 1958 – 60, 1962, 1995
  • Trim, Co Meath: Winner 1984
  • Emly, Co Tipperary : Winner 2009 

View the winners at: http://www.tidytowns.ie/interior.php?id=74&pid=2  

Can you think of ways you could improve your town?   Make a list of ways that would make your town look better. 

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