The Bogs of Ireland

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  • Geography: The Full Story

The Bogs of Ireland are an endangered place. Bogs are wetland and were formed in Ireland over 10,000 years ago. This beautiful habitat is a unique home for lots of wildlife and needs protecting. The number of bogs in Ireland has reduced significantly over the years. Today, less than one quarter of the original bog habitat remains. The bogs found in Ireland are very rare and are found in few other places in the world.  

Uses of Bogs

  • Bogs are a source of peat. Peat was widely used to heat homes in the past and is still used today.  

  • Bogs are also a great water store. Rainwater can be stored here, which prevents flooding.  

  • Bogs are home to many unique animals and plants.  

  • Bogs also are an excellent habitat for preserving things. Artefacts from the past have been found preserved in the bogs giving us a rare insight into the past. The bodies of people who lived thousands of years ago have also been found!