Shop Local

Buying local produce will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Everything that is not produced in your local area has to be transported from a farm, industry or factory. If it is imported, it will have to be transported by boat or by plane. The fuel consumption quickly builds up your ‘food miles’.

The country markets or the farmers’ markets are the best places to find good quality food and it is usually produced locally. If you have any doubt about where it was produced, just ask. On the farmers’ markets website you can find more information on where and when these markets take place.

When you are in the supermarket, think about the food you’re buying. Where was it produced? Can you buy Irish instead of imported foods? You might be surprised at how much food is imported that is also produced in Ireland e.g. Irish potatoes and British potatoes, Irish apples and New Zealand apples etc.

Buying Irish produce helps to reduce your ‘food miles’, ensures that you eat fresher food and also helps to support Irish industry. View the One Small Step campaign for further details on the advantages of shopping local and reducing your carbon footprint.

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