A variety of exhibitions on environmental awareness are available to download.  Interesting and informative exhibitions in a variety of media can be tailored to suit most venues.

Organisations which lend environmental exhibitions

Name of group Name of Exhibition Description of Exhibition Contact Details
An Taisce Litter Action and Local Image Looks at litter and everything there is to know about its causes, cures, costs, laws, monitoring plans and more.  www.antaisce.org
Birdwatch Ireland Give a Hoot about Wildlife An exhibition looking at the world of owls.  www.birdwatchireland.ie
  Garden Bird Detectives Discover birds on your doorstep.  An exhibition on garden birds based on Birdwatch Ireland's annual garden bird survey.  
Coillte   Contact Coillte for information on exhibitions available for loan. www.coillte.ie
Conservation Volunteers Walls to Wildflowers Journeys through Irish hedgerows, dry stone walls, urban amenities, ponds, dunes and wildflower meadows, highlighting their beauty and us, the value of conservation and how individuals can take action at local level to preserve and restore our rich natural heritage.
Cultivate   Contact Cultivate for information on exhibitions available for loan. www.cultivate.ie
ECO-UNESCO   Contact ECO-UNESCO for information on exhibitions available for loan. www.ecounesco.ie
Irish Peatland Conservation Council  Fly Traps An exhibition about carnivorous plants in the Irish boglands. www.ipcc.ie
  Dutch - An Irish Bog Story Highlights the partnership between the Dutch and Irish people to work towards protecting our peatland heritage.  
  Frog Exhibition Outlines the life cycle, character, distribution, habitats, threats to and conservation of Irish frogs.  
Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Flukeprints This photographic display shows Ireland’s 24 species of whales and dolphins and the monitoring and conservation work of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. www.iwdg.ie
Irish Wildlife Trust Life in a Shell Exhibition on shells (bivalves and gastropods), outlining the biodiversity of sea shells, their evolution and their habitats and identifying key points such as natural heritage, conservation and the interaction between wildlife and people. www.iwt.ie
  Ireland's Marine Expo Discover Ireland's coastal and underwater wonders.  
  A New Way to look at Wetlands Exhibition about Ireland's wetland habitats.  
Just Forests Wood of Life Explores the importance of the world's forests from a social, economic and environmental perspective.



National Tree Council   Contact the National Tree Council for information on exhibitions available for loan. www.treecouncil.ie
Networks for Nature   Exhibition showing the hidden life of hedgerows, their fauna and flora, and conveying the wildlife and heritage value of hedgerows in Ireland.  
Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland Radioactivity in your Environment Explains what radioactivity is, its presence in the environment, how radiation affects us and its benefits and hazards. www.rpii.ie
Royal Society of Antiquaries Our Heritage, a Shared Inheritance Tells us about our built heritage, which encompasses the places where people were born, lived, learned, fished and traded, and how we can play our part in defining, preserving and examining our heritage. www.rsai.ie
Sustainable Energy Ireland   Contact Sustainable Energy Ireland for information on exhibitions available for loan. www.sei.ie
Sustainable Ireland Ecological Footprints Promotes the 4 Rs: Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Restore.  Outlines concepts such as bioregionalism, localisation and permaculture. www.sustainable.ie
VOICE Forests for All - Native Woodlands and Trees Colourful photographic exhibition highlighting the value of native woodlands, the need to conserve remaining woodlands, and the benefit of planting new native woodlands. www.voiceireland.org
Wicklow County Council The Rotter's Guide to Composting Turning spoil into soil.  Exhibition based on Wicklow County Council's guide to composting garden and food waste. www.wicklow.ie

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