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Bord Gáis Energy Book Club

We at Bord Gáis Energy love books… we love reading and the world that reading opens up to us all. As our lives get busy and demanding, it’s often easy to forget to make time for yourself and lose yourself in a good book. We want to make it easy for you to digest the best books around and we hope our book club gives you some useful hints and tips to re-discover the world that books opens up to you.


Club Leabhar

Club Leabhar is an online Irish language book club. As well as being a member of ClubLeabhar.com, you can take part in the activities of one of the Irish language book clubs throughout the country and abroad.
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Eason Book Club

Eason Book Club Welcome to the Eason Book Club facebook page – for discussions, giveaways, and all the latest news from the world of books! Click on the ‘Discussions’ tab to see what our book-clubbers are talking about today!

Ennis Book Club Festival

The Ennis Book Club Festival is a wonderful social and literary gathering bringing together book club members and readers from all over Ireland and beyond. Supported by Clare County Library, the festival includes author readings, discussions, workshops and walking tours through the narrow streets and lanes of Ennis. We offer sessions on running book clubs and advice on reading lists, chocolate tastings, events as Gaeilge and an opportunity to compare notes and meet with other Book Club members.
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The Irish Times online book club

We’ll be reading a book a month, and when we’ve been going a while and got the hang of things, you’ll get a chance to choose the book you’d like to read and discuss.

The Reading Club

The Reading Club was formed to offer a unique reference point on starting and running your own reading and book club.


Magic Honies Bookclub

Location: Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick

Email: magichonies@gmail.com

Meetings / events: https://www.facebook.com/pg/magic.honies/events

The Magic Honies Bookclub was set up in Newcastlewest in September 2018. The Magic Honies is an informal bookclub and social group loosely based around a love of books and the joys of reading. One aim of the group is to promote reading for pleasure in the community. We also aim to provide an opportunity to meet together, chat, have a laugh, and share our thoughts about books, reading and life in general. We aspire to promote reading for pleasure by creating a stress-free environment, a chance for us all to take some time out, to unwind and to have a good discussion while getting to know others in the community. The Magic Honies actively encourage the exchange of ideas in a positive and mutually supportive atmosphere. Each month, members suggest options for our monthly book choice: they are encouraged to choose a relatively recent book, not too long, and available in multiple formats. This ensures that the selections are new for everyone, readable within one month, and accessible to those who prefer audiobooks or ebooks.

The Magic Honies Bookclub meets each month in Newcastlewest. The venue varies and members are encouraged to participate, socialize, and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Meetings involve some games and quizzes, as well as discussion and debate. Everyone gets a chance to speak and share their ideas and opinions. We have members from many different backgrounds, reading abilities, literacy levels, and languages and cultures. All are welcome and encouraged to attend and although it helps, it is not necessary to have completed the chosen book of the month in advance. Meetings also provide opportunities to meet others from the area, share stories and chat about life in general. Some months, the book choice is varied along a specific theme. January’s theme was “a book you would recommend to a friend”. February's theme was non-fiction: book suggestions included biographies, memoirs, self-help books, travel books, history, satire, etc. The Magic Honies Bookclub always encourages new members and readers.

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