Library Staff and Young People

Connecting staff and young people

 Recent figures show that there are 16.1 million visits made to public libraries each year.  Some 5.1 million of these visits (32%) are made by children.

In 2009 there were 323,000 children registered as library members, 37% of the population in the 0-14 age group.


Getting to know your users

Public libraries have been continually assessing the needs of their users in order to meet their requirements.  In this context several surveys of young people’s expectations from their library services have  been carried out and the findings of some of these are documented below.  The Public Lending Remuneration Scheme also publish useful information in relation to the borrowing habits of  children and young people and their latest report can be downloaded from the PLR website .


Plus Survey

The Plus Survey (Public Library User Survey) carried out in 2007 includes an analysis of library use for 15-19 year age group. Further details are contained in the PLUS Survey 2007 extract


What Young People Want from Cork City Libraries

The aim of this survey which was undertaken by Cork City Libraries during 2007/08 was to allow the children of Cork City outline what they want from a public library system rather than what we as adults think they want and to give them a voice to help develop facilities, book stock and educational programmes relevant to them.  Read more


Dublin City’s Learning Zones Project: Valuing Youth

The desire to enhance existing library provision to primary school students provided the impetus for the Dublin City Public Libraries Children’s Learning Zone Initiative in 2008. Initiated, designed and implemented as a multi-dimensional support to children aged 8-13, it lead to the following outcomes:

  • Availability of targeted resources for homework research,
  • Availability of a defined study space for homework use,
  • Provision of support measures to encourage learning and reading.

Further details


Not Only Adults Drink Tea

This research report on behalf of Kildare County Council Library and Arts Services examines the perceptions and experiences of young people in Kildare through their participation in the Kildare County Council Library and Arts Services and provides a framework for the development of these services on a national and international level. The report was published in 2009.


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