Primary School Library Services

Library services to primary schools are provided by the public library authorities.

From 1970/71 until 2008 the Department of Education supported this service through the provision of a per capita grant based on the number of primary school pupils. This grant was ring-fenced exclusively for the purchase of books and other media, while the library authorities bore the expense of managing and administering the service, including staff costs, transport and other overheads. It has been estimated that the DoE grant represented less than half of the overall cost of operating the services to primary schools, the remainder being borne by the library authorities.

In 2007, the capitation paid to public library authorities was €4.52 per pupil, a national total of just over €2 million.

In 2008 the then Department of Education and Science stopped the grant scheme completely and no longer considers the provision of library services to primary schools to be part of their direct role.

On August 3 2010, the Department of Education and Skills revealed the latest Sats results, which showed that reading standards among primary school pupils had dropped by 16 per cent.

Public library authorities continue to explore ways of maintaining some level of service.


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