Family History Resources -A genealogical source of full-scale valuation of property in Ireland. It provides a database  to access old and new maps of every town land across Ireland accompanied by the original valuation pages providing information on each property record.  –This website provides a database to access church records from the past and provides hints and tips for online research and research in Ireland.   –A world-wide database for discovering family histories that provides numerous forms of documentation from over 80 countries. It also provides a search engine for family names across the world. -The National Library of Ireland offers a family history service providing parish registers and land valuation. It also provides a genealogy advisory service for researchers and a list of useful family history links. -The National Archive of Ireland provides a genealogy service for those wishing to research family histories. It provides genealogy records, publications links and information on getting started in family history research. – The National Archive of Ireland provides an online census available for the years 1901 and 1911. It also provides a brief history of particular places across Ireland outlining what life was like in those years. - Provides a list of names and dates of people included in church records for County Longford. – This website provides information on how to research genealogy and family histories which includes personal stories on research experience and a number of useful links. -This website provides a family history resource including a search engine of ship manifestos for passengers who arrived in Manhattan in the past. It also provides an historical timeline of events up to present times. –The History of Headstones website offers a database to graves stones across and for their inscriptions specific to Northern Ireland. It also provides case studies, maps, history and genealogy timelines, poetry and themes. – Provides a number of databases for researching Irish ancestry.  -Provides an online database to birth, death and marriage records across Ireland. It also provides a list of available online genealogy resources and centres in Ireland.
-The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) holds many valuable sources for family history research. It provides an number of online archives, regional history and professional information.


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