Irish Times Archive General Guide

The digital archive contains the entire The Irish Times from the first edition in 1859 to the present. It is fully indexed and searchable - simply enter any search term you choose and view the results, or browse the paper by edition.


Within a public library branch or a school, you can have full access to the archive content free of charge by clicking on the archive link Icon: AAI Irish Times Archive banner on the previous page. This link will take you directly to the search page of the archive where you can enter any search term you wish.

Search tips

When you click through to the archive, a list of search tips is provided for you on the search page.

Copyright and Permitted uses of the Archive Material

Copyright in the archive resides with The Irish Times. Under the relevant legislation (Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000), you may copy copyright material providing the following conditions are met:

Copying in this context refers largely to downloading or printing content from the archive.   


Search - you can enter any search term you like to search across the entire archive or take advantage of the advanced search options to refine or target your search

Browse - you can select and look through editions of the paper page by page

Historical Timeline - allows you to examine the actual coverage of national and world events when they occurred.