Siúl a Rúin

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Siúl a Rúin


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This is the Bess Cronin (Muskerry Gaeltacht) version of this song.

'Siúl a Rúin' or 'Go, my Love' is the song of a woman lamenting her beloved, who has joined the army, and expresses her support for him.

The verses of 'Siúl a Rúin' are in English, while the chorus is in Irish. This style of song is called macaronic. While its origin is uncertain, it was common for the verses of traditional Irish songs to be translated into English with the chorus surviving in Irish. However, there are no traces of an earlier Irish version of 'Siúl a Rúin'.

Numerous recordings have been made by well known artists such as Clannad, Mary Black, Altan, and The Chieftains amongst others. It is also one of the pieces in Michael Flatley's show, 'Lord of the Dance'.

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