Táimse im' Choladh

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Táimse im' choladh


The FLower of Maherally O


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This is an 'Aisling' or 'vision' tradition of Irish poetry, named after the ancient goddess of dreams. This 18th century style of poetry always follows the same pattern. The poet dreams of a mythical woman (representing a free Ireland) then, following a formal description of the woman's beauty, she beseeches him for help. The woman in 'Táimse im'Choladh' appeals to the poet to rise up in arms against the English.

'Táimse im'Choladh' was used in the ballad operas of the 18th century. Its origin is unknown and it is claimed by both Irish and Scots.

The harp arrangement on Ask about Ireland is by Brenda O'Riordan.

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