Land Registry & Registry of Deeds

The Registry of Deeds was established in 1708 to provide a system of voluntary registration for deeds and conveyances. While original deeds are not retained, a synopsis of the deed (called a memorial) is filed. These memorials were also fully transcribed and copied into books. The Land Registry operates a Registration of Title system and is in operation since 1892. Details of all transactions on registered land are recorded on folios, which are public documents. However, the deeds behind the registrations may only be inspected by certain persons. Since 2006 the Land Registry and Registry of Deeds has been under the auspices of the Property Registration Authority, all of the records have been digitised and many services are provided online.


Land Registry
Central Office
Chancery Street
Dublin 7

Registry of Deeds
Henrietta Street
Dublin 1

Phone: +353 1 6707500/1890 333001


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