Geological Survey of Ireland Archives

The Geological Survey of Ireland, in its archive, houses a varied collection of papers, some pre-dating its foundation in 1845. As a repository of the National Archives of Ireland, it is available for inspection by appointment. The archive includes early correspondence files, diaries, ledgers and field note books, MS  and printed maps, as well as the original 6 inch geological field sheets, many enhanced by small paintings of a local curiosity. Also includes a large collection of drawings and paintings by the early geologist George Victor Du Noyer (1817 - 1869) of rocks, fossils and scenery, many of which are still being reproduced today. Many items are available on the GSI Document Management System in the Customer Centre.


Geological Survey of Ireland
Beggar's Bush
Haddington Road
Dublin 4

Contact: Petra Coffey

Phone: +353 1 6782000


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