Fairbrook House

Seven acres of a former woollen mill have been changed into paradise by Dutch artists Wout Muller (1946-2000) and Clary Mastenbroek. This romantic walled garden, situated at the river Dawn, was first established in 1994 and evolved over the years. Ruins of the mill have been integrated in the design, stones from former buildings have been recycled into walls raised borders, obelisks and magic standing stones. The unique historic millpond,adjacent to the woodlandgarden, has been restored. In 2003, Fairbrook House Museum of Contemporary Figurative Art was opened.

Website: http://www.fairbrook-house.com

Co. Waterford

Contact: Clary Mastenbroek
Phone: +353 51 384657
email: art@fairbrook-house.com

Click   here  to see a map showing Fairbrook House

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