The Museum Of The Master Saddler

The Museum of the Master Saddler is a unique museum which exhibits the craft of harness and saddle making. Horses were once widely used for farming, sports, in the military and for transportation before the invention of motor vehicles and modern machinary.

The demand for leather harnesses and saddles created an important industry in Ireland which has since declined dramatically. Modern horse racing and show jumping keep the industry alive. The museum documents these  changes to the occupation and the industry.

Tours are designed for both individuals and groups such as schools, riding clubs, heritage groups and others.The Museum of the Master Saddler are members of the Crafts Council of Ireland, the Irish Museums Association  and British Driving Association



Museum of the Master Saddler
Co. Cavan

Contact: Curator Robert H. Steinke

Phone: +353 (0)86 3946467


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