Foynes Flying Boat Museum

The Foynes Flying Boat Museum recalls the era from 1939 to 1945 when Foynes was the centre of the aviation world for air traffic between the US and Europe.  We have a comprehensive range of exhibits and graphic illustrations. You can travel back in time in the our authentic 1940's cinema, while watching the award winning film 'Atlantic Conquest'.  We showcase the original Terminal Building, Radio and Weather Room, complete with transmitters, receivers and Morse code equipment. The exhibits feature an introduction to the first transatlantic passenger service and Foynes during the war years. New to the Museum is Ireland's first full-scale 3D/Holographic Exhibition recreating the night Irish Coffee was invented here in Foynes in 1943.

Website :

Foynes Flying Boat Museum,
County Limerick, 

Contact: Mrs. Margaret O`Shaughnessy

Phone: +353 69 65416

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