Devine: The House of Corkagh

Pdf Devine, Joe. The House of Corkagh. Dublin: South Dublin Libraries, 2003.
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One of the most important treasures of South Dublin County is the 300 acre Corkagh Park immediately adjacent to the Naas Road and stretching almost a mile to the Village of Clondalkin.

Joe Devine is a retired schoolteacher who has a great interest in local history. For more than 25 years he has been researching the history of Corkagh Demesne. In particular he talked to people who lived in Corkagh House, the descendants of the Finlay and Colley families and to people who worked in the house and on the estate. As a result he became an acknowledged expert on the history of Corkagh and is regularly consulted by people interested in its history.

Through his research, Joe realised the importance of Corkagh House and Estate in the Clondalkin area and the major role it played in the life and economy of the area. In addition the area was important nationally. John Finlay of Corkagh and his neighbour, Lord Kilwarden of Newlands were members of the Great Parliament of Ireland in 1790. Gunpowder milling at Kilmatead and at Clondalkin was of strategic national importance.

This book The House of Corkagh is the result of Joe’s research. The story of the House of Corkagh is told in words and pictures.

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