Geissel: Bumps in the Fields and Crumbling Walls

Pdf Geissel, Hermann. Bumps in the fields and crumbling walls: Field archaeology for Sunday afternoons. Dublin: South Dublin Libraries, 2008.
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From abbeys to wedge tombs, the long and varied history of Ireland has left us with an abundance of archaeological monuments.

This book is an indispensable companion for the local enthusiast engages in practical fieldwork, whether for his or her own enjoyment or with a view to improving a knowledge and understanding of the archaeological landscape and local heritage. It provides students, Sunday walkers, local historians, and budding amateur archaeologists with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the history of the landscape around us.

A glossary of archaeological terms, a guide to Irish place names, a time line, overviews of disciplines of local studies and a list of types of archaeological monuments provide the broader perspective. Distribution diagrams of selected monuments and a simple key for the identification of field monuments are also included.

The book is presented in a scholarly yet clear manner and is richly illustrated making the practical study of our archaeological heritage accessible to everyone.

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