National Education in Ireland, 1855

Pdf National education in Ireland. Dublin: Alex. Thom and Sons, 1855.
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Report on National Education in Ireland

This volume is a review of the minutes of the select committee of the House of Lords, who made inquiries into ‘The system of National Education in Ireland.’

The four month inquiry covers a range of the topics and the evidence involved stretches to 1,200 folio pages and 10,000 pages. This book is separated into 18 specific subjects to deal with the volume of evidence and each subject is accompanied by introductory remarks and explanatory notes.

Its role is to provide an impartial opinion of the principles and working of the National System, of the good it has achieved, of the problems with advancement and of the nature of modifications proposed – with a view to making it more appealing to all.

This book was written at a time when the issue of National Education in Ireland had reached a stage where it had to be settled permanently. To that degree this volume wishes to provide a more accurate knowledge of facts, in the hope of removing prejudice and misconception.

The person, who put the evidence together, makes the point that no member of the National Board had anything to do with the compilation or production of the work.

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