Barrington: Historic Memoirs of Ireland

Pdf Barrington, Sir Jonah. Historic Memoirs of Ireland, Volume 1. London: Richard Bentley, 1833
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Pdf Barrington, Sir Jonah. Historic Memoirs of Ireland, Volume 2. London: Richard Bentley, 1833
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These historic memoirs comprise of secret records of the National Convention, the 1798 Rebellion and the Act of Union. It is illustrated with letters and papers of the events in two volumes. They are included to back-up statements, so that no unfounded charges are present in the memoirs. It also includes descriptions of the principal characters connected with the central events of the book.

Volume II continues the secret records of important moments in Irish history. Portraits and documents are used to illustrate the second volume, with over 40 scattered throughout the 464 page book.

Sir Jonah Barrington (1760–1834) was a member of the late Irish Parliament for the cities of Tuam and Clogher. He was a lawyer of landed background and then later a MP for Tuam 1792–8 and Bannagher 1799–1800. Also in 1798 he was appointed an admiralty court judge and knighted in 1807. However he was removed from office for embezzlement in 1830, by which time he had long retreated to France to escape his creditors.

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