Warner: The History of the Rebellion and Civil-War in Ireland

Pdf Warner, Ferdinando. The History of the Rebellion and Civil-War in Ireland. London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1768.
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Ferdinando Warner (1703-1768) was an English born writer and historian. He was rector of Ronde in Wiltshire, St. Michael’s at Queenhithe in London, and Barnes in Surrey. While producing numerous writings on dogmatic and liturgical tracts, Warner’s most often cited and referenced works are those focusing on both Irish and church history.

His History of Ireland (1763) focuses on the history of Ireland up to 1711. Written from an Anglo-Irish perspective it offers an unsympathetic image of the native Irish. It was followed by The History of the Rebellion and Civil-War in Ireland (1768) which deals exclusively with the years between 1641 and 1660. This work not only diminishes the reputed number of Protestant victims of the Rebellion of 1641 but also attempts to remedy accounts of Catholic massacres of Protestants during the Rebellion. While not looking to absolve Catholics entirely it does also voice condemnation of the penal laws.

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