Coyne: Ireland: Industrial And Agricultural

Pdf Coyne, ed. William P, Ireland: Industrial And Agricultural, Browne and Nolan Ltd., 1902
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Ireland : Industrial and Agricultural is a revised edition published in 1902 by Browne and Nolan Limited. It was edited by William P. Coyne who worked for the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction.

The work is an official handbook detailing agricultural and industrial progress in Ireland during the 18th and 19th centuries. It contains descriptions of Ireland ’s geology, minerals, soils, flora, fauna, climate, population, transport, education, art and Irish agriculture. It includes maps of Ireland ’s topography and physical features such as mountains and rivers. The book has a detailed account of the economic growth of Irish Industry from the 18th and 19th centuries.   It details many types of Irish industry at the time including the shipbuilding, fishing, sheep breeding, dairy, milling, leather, lace, brewing, distilling and linen industries.

The International Glasgow Exhibition took place in 1901 at Kelvingrove Park . Irish industry, arts and crafts were represented at the exhibition and the Irish Department of Agricultural and Technical Instruction was invited to take part. The focus of the exhibition was to demonstrate Victorian prosperity by displaying many kinds industry. This edition of the handbook, Ireland: Industrial and Agricultural, was published following the International Glasgow Exhibition to give a full detailed account of Irish industry and agriculture at the time.

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