Langley: The Young Builder's Rudiments

Pdf Langley, B. The Young Builder's Rudiments, or the Principles of Geometry, Mechanics, Menstruation and Perspective, Geometrically Demonstrated, together wuth the Five Orders of the Columns in Architecture, according to the Proportions of the Celebrated Portfolio. London: J. Millan, 1730.
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This book includes thirty large pull-outs plates of designs and measurements, engraved by J. Vandergucht and B. Cole. The book is designed for workmen, gentlemen and others who delight in defining, drawing, painting, engraving and gardening.

Batty Langley (1696 -1751) was a prolific writer, whose main profession was a garden designer. Langley is best known as a writer for Ancient Architecture Restored, published in 1742 and reissued in 1747 as Gothic Architecture, improved by Rules and Proportions.

His grand garden designs often included mazes, a "wilderness" with many tortuous path-turnings, cabinets de verdure cut into dense woodland, formal stretches of canal and formally-shaped basins of water and a central alley of trees leading to recess.

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