The Eircom Building, HSQ


The landmark Eircom Building is the anchor for the Heuston South Quarter (HSQ), an area of Dublin that aims to provide sustainable energy, with a cost-effective, carbon neutral biomass heating system for the whole community. The Eircom Building is an excellent example of sustainable architecture and is a reflection of the overall plan for HSQ to be an energy-efficient area.

The building has twin-skin glazing for insulation against glare from the sun and traffic noise. It also boasts automatic energy efficient lighting, although the building is predominantly open plan and benefits from the expanse of natural light throughout. In addition, energy efficient heat sensors can react to maintain correct levels of heating throughout the building.

The Eircom Building reflects the changing global trends towards a more sustainable working environment. In 2008, it won first in its class for sustainability and energy management at the Irish Property Awards.

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