Aughrim, Co. Wicklow


The major criterion for evaluating a green community is the quality of life of its citizens, now and in the future. The areas where this can be assessed are the built environment, the green spaces, the water features, waste creation and disposal, local food production and energy management.

The Built Environment

Becoming a greener community requires a number of commitments in terms of the built environment. These include: sustainable plannning, incorporating green technology and energy efficiency and the care and maintenance of existing infrastructure to protect the character and heritage of the built environment.

Aughrim has been styled "The Granite City" because of its many buildings constructed from locally quarried Wicklow granite. New development in Aughrim has adopted existing materials and styles to enhance the visual appeal of the town. The history of the town is celebrated in its plaques and monuments and new features such as the bowling green is fully accessible to all.

Water Features

The rivers Ow and Derry meet at Aughrim and form the river Aughrim which flows through the town and provides paddling pools, picnic areas and riverside walks for enhanced leisure activities. The national disabled angling park was constructed from on the river forming  a 4 acre lake within an 8 acre riverside park with panoramic views overlooking the surrounding Wicklow hills.
The lake is stocked with game fish sourced from a local fish-farm.


The waste facilities in the town are well designed for ease of use. The Tidy Towns Thrift Shop accepts an increasing range of goods for recycling.

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