The Cork and Youghal Railway

The Colm Creedon Archive

The late Colm Creedon, railway enthusiast and transport historian, dedicated a lifetime to researching the history of railways, particularly in County Cork, and published a number of books on the subject. These include The Cork and Macroom Direct Railway, Cork City's Railway Stations, three volumes of The Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway, and The Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway. His detailed and thorough documentation of former railways in County Cork has preserved valuable information and recollections for future generations.

Apart from his written works, Colm Creedon amalgamated a wealth of photographs of County Cork railways, many of which were taken by himself in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and others which he acquired from various clubs and institutions. On his death, in 2001, he bequeathed this considerable archive of photographs to Cork County Library. The small selection presented here gives a flavour of that archive.

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