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The Victorian royal cypher on the post box at Zion Road. The initials "V R" stand for Victoria Regina. Queen Victoria's reign was from the introduction of the pillar box here in 1879 to 1901. The manufacturer, A. Handyside and Co. Ltd, Derby and London is written around the base and dates the box to 1900-1904.

Victorian Wall Box, Bushy Park Rd. The maker, W.T. Allen, London, dates the box to 1882-85

The royal cypher from an Edwardian post box showing the initials "ER" with a VII incorporated, meaning Edward Rex. There are many examples of these in the area, for example Rathgar Avenue. King Edward the Seventh's reign was from 1901 to 1910.

Located on Temple Gardens this is a George V box dated between 1911-1922. This example has a halfway box. It is often wrongly assumed that this is for putting packages in, but in fact the halfway box was designed as part of a system to reduce staff and labour as the postman could leave half his load at the location of the box, rather than return to the post-office for a second load. These boxes were made by Mc Dowell Steven and Co. Ltd, London and Glasgow

Post boxes appearing after Ireland's independence in 1922, bear the P & T symbol. Post and Telecom. Rathmines Rd. Lower. Maker: St. John's Ironworks Enniscorthy 1922-1946

A recent An Post postbox, made by Tonge and Taggart in 1984, is situated on the Ranelagh Road Junction with Lwr. Beechwood Ave.

Pillar boxes may be identified and dated by their appearance, the Royal cypher and the maker's name.

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