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The present Parslickstown House was built around 1840, but the land on which it stands had brushed with history a long time before that. Brian Boru is said to have stayed in the field around Mulhuddart before marching on to his tragic victory in Clontarf.

"The Neighbourhoods of Dublin", written by Weston St. John Joyce, has its own apt description of Mulhuddart. "Its lands, which are within the district covered by the Ward Union Hunt, are crossed on the south by the road to Trim, and on the north by the road to Ratoath, and much traffic between Dublin and the County of Meath passes through them".

Many armies passed through them on the way to Dublin and if Dublin was the ultimate prize of battle, then Mulhuddart was the ultimate rehearsal. The Anglo-Norman invaders found Celtic dwelling places here and used them for their own purpose, possibly as outposts.

Parslickstown (Paslickstown) is mentioned in the latter part of the 14th century when John Dowdall, who was in possession of it and Macetown, was outlawed for treason. Around this time too, living close by, was a man named William Bossard. No doubt his surname contributed to what is now known as Buzzardstown House, located nearby.

In the early part of the 16th century, existing documents show that Thomasine Talbot was the occupant of Macetown and Paslickstown. Richard Bellings, a lawyer and solicitor-general for Ireland from 1574 to 1584, owned the lands of Tyrellstown, Buzzardstown, Paslickstown and Macetown when he died in 1600.

There was a period of fire and sword in Ireland between 1641 and 1649, and the parish of Mulhuddart was totally overrun. At this time there was a thatched house in Parslickstown (Paslickstown), it was a small dwelling which was destroyed in battle.

When the restoration came, records show that there were twenty-nine persons of English descent in the parish of Mulhuddart and forty-nine persons of Irish descent. There were four persons of rank, Thomas Luttrell, owner of Luttrellstown, who lived in Powerstown, John Jordan of Tyrellstown, Nicholas Carte of Damastown and Gilbert Ferris of Paslickstown.

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