Easter Controversy

Laserian was also prominently involved in the Easter Controversy. This controversy was concerned with determining the precise date for the celebration of Easter in the context of the Church Liturgical Calendar.

Rome came to dominate the organisation of the Western Church and orthodoxy was insisted on. The Church feared that any variation in the date for Easter might give rise to scandal and inconvenience. It is probable that Laserian was a member of the delegation that travelled to Rome in the years 630A.D. - 632 A.D. to discuss this matter with the Pope. The Pope at that time was Pope Monarious.

There is some difference of opinion as to whether Laserian was consecrated Bishop at that time. One source called the Salamanca Manuscript states that he was consecrated at a much earlier date but other opinion says that Laserian was indeed made a Bishop between the years 625 and 638 A.D. He was also honoured by being appointed as a Papal Legate to Ireland.

With regard to the Easter Controversy it is likely that Laserian played an important role in the new system of dating Easter at a synod which was held at a place called "Campus Albus", possibly the Latin version of a placename in the vicinity of Old Leighlin. Eventually the new date of Easter was agreed and accepted. It is said that Leighlin was the first place to adopt the new date for Easter. Laserian at that time was in charge of 1500 monks and he defended and implemented the order regarding Easter from Rome.

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