Folklore and St Laserian

It has been recorded in folklore that St. Laserian encountered difficulties and opposition in the establishment of his church. A local landowner refused permission for Laserian to build on top of the hill but offered him lowlying marshy land instead. This displeased the saint who prayed that from then on the land at the base of the hill would be dry while that at the top would be wet. According to local tradition the land has remained so to this day.

Another legend tells of the landowner's offer that he would give Laserian the amount of land covered by his cloak. When the saint spread his cloak on the ground however it expanded to cover an area sufficient for the building of the monastery. Another tale says that Laserian was granted a small lough beside Gobanus' settlement. Laserian spread his cloak and miraculously drained this lough and was able to build his settlement. Here today stands the Cathedral of Old Leighlin. Folklore also states that Laserian's chosen monastic site was initially but a pool of water. The saint blessed three stones which he threw into the pool. Immediately it miraculously dried up. He then built his church there and a well sprung up on the site.

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