Ghosts and Spirits

People love to hear stories of ghosts and spirits and Co. Kildare has quite a few of its own.

Ghost at Clongowes

Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society VOL III


While Marshal Brain, serving in the Austrian service, was fighting abroad, his 2 sisters occupied CLONGOWES. he, unfortunately was killed at the battle of Prague, 1757. Here is the curious story concerning his death.

In the ironing Room in the mansion, the servants were all seated around the fire one day. On this day, the door to the room was wide open, and so was the hall door. The servants were then astonished to see an officer in a white uniform enter the hall and go up the stairs. His hands were pressed to this breast from which blood was flaming. When they recovered from the shock of this sight, they rushed up the stairs to inform the sisters.

They had seen nothing unusual, and on hearing a full description, realised that it had been their brother, and that he must have met his death on the battle field.

Masses were immediately celebrated for him, and a wake was held. 2 weeks later a dispatch came announcing the Marshal's death, the very date and time the apparition was seen.

It was suggested that the servants might have made up this story, so as to profit from the wake celebrations. But, it could not be explained how peasants from Co. Kildare, described in detail an Austrian Marshal's uniform.

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