The Pooka

Folk Tales collected by Ms. Greene

J.K.A.S. Vol. III Pg. 368-371

How the boy got the better of the Pooka

It was said that the Pooka spat on blackberries on Halloween and made them bad. He would also appear at night and put his head between your legs and carry you around all night through hedges and trees so as to bruise and scratch you. He looked like a mule. He appeared to a young boy one night, left him back in the same spot and asked him if he would like to ride with him the following night. The boy agreed to meet him the following night, but this time the boy brought with him, a saddle and asked the Pooka if he could use it, the Pooka agreed. Every lep they made the boy would prod his spurs into the Pooka and so he bruised and scratched the Pooka as much as he had been himself. The Pooka refused to fly him ever again and so the boy got the better of the Pooka.

The Pooka and the Silk Dress

The Pooches hole was said to be in Tilbury. The housemaid at Lord Downes house had a lot of work to do in the evenings, but she would fall asleep and the Pooka would do everything. Lady Downes rewarded the maid with a silk dress and one night the Pooka came into the maids room, saw the silk dress, took it away with him and never did the housework again.

J.K.A.S. VOL. V, NO. 6




All Hallows Eve

At this time of the year that vicious and terrifying apparition, the Pooka, was liable to be met with late at night. This dreaded monster was said to be a cross between a bullock, a mule and a big black pig. Poulaphuca and Knockaphucca near Castledermot were former haunts of the unpleasant customer.

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