Sayings and customs


It was unlucky if a woman passed in front of a pair of horses, unless she passed back again.

It was unlucky to keep a black sheep with a flock of white ones.

A goat kept with a herd of cows keeps the animals healthy.

A hedgehog or a weasel should never be killed.

The hare was believed to be a very unlucky animal, as they were supposed to turn into witches.

Saint Brigid's crosses, made of straw or rushes, were placed in the thatch above the kitchen door to honour the saint and gain her protection.


1) Never throw water out on All Souls Day, you are throwing it into the souls' faces.

2) Leave a basin of water on the floor on All Souls Night for the souls' to wash their feet.

3) If you give money to a poorman at the door on All Souls Day, you will have great luck for

the next year.

4) If you do not go to mass on Good Friday and kiss the Crucifix, you will have bad luck for

the next year.

5) Holy Thursday is a good day to sell animals as you will be lucky with prices.

6) Clothes hung out on May Day will rot

7) On New Years Eve the door should be left open to let the old year out and the new one in.

These customs were collected by Molly Reilly who got them from her father - Painstown. Donadea, Co.Kildare.

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