Fountain of the Third Viscount De Vesci

This memorial fountain is a Gothic, octagonal shrine built after a competition in 1877, to the design of Rawson Carroll by Lady Emma De Vesci in remembrance of her late husband, Tomas, the Third Viscount.

The following is a description of the said fountain taken from the Leinster Express, 21st September 1878:

"The design of the memorial - a drinking fountain - is Gothic. The first storey stands on a raised platform of cut stone, with steps. It is square in plan with buttresses at each angle, and furnished at the top by pinnacles with beautifully carved finials. Each side has a trefoil-headed panel with deeply cut mouldings and polished limestone shafts. Immediately below the lower storey the angles of the square are cut off to form an octagon, having a richly panelled band course on a base for the upper part. The storey is open with eight limestone pillars, surrounding a central one, with moulded bases, and carved tops, from which spring pointed and moulded arches forming the outer part, and corbelled groining connected with the central pillar. Above these arches is a carved cornice, from which rises an octagon spire, ornamented by carved bands of Portland stone, forming an exquisite contrast with the granite in the main building. At the upper part there are four open gables, and the whole is finished with a wrought iron terminal of a coronet form. In one of the niches of the ground story (that facing the town) is the fountain; the niche facing the Durrow Road bears a shield with the De Vesci Arms; whilst that facing the station has the inscription recording the object for which the memorial is erected. The architect of the beauty of whose design we have already spoken of was Mr. Rawson Carroll, F.R.I.B.A, Dublin, and the satisfactory manner in which the work was carried out, by Mr. Sharpe, of Great Brunswick Street."

For further information read the Fountains Booklet

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