Railroad to Tuam and Clock Tower

On the 7th April 1845, the Town Commissioners prepared a petition to the Commons and the Lords in favour of a railroad from Dublin to Galway. The presentation in the Lords was entrusted to the Marquis of Clarnrickarde and it was arranged that it should be supported by the Earl of Clancarty and Lord Clonbrock. Fitzstephen Ffrench was requested to present it to the Commons and J.J. Bodkin, Thomas B. Martin, Martin J. Blake and Sir Valentine Blake, Bart to support it. The petition was followed up by various public meetings but it was not until 1860 that the railroad was extended as far as Tuam. The event was greeted with acclamation by the town's people and local gentry and the Town Commissioners in their enthusiasm passed the following resolution: "That a handsome clock tower with four dials be erected on the site of the Old Market House as a testimonial to Denis Kirwan Esq., of Castlehackett to commemorate the accomplishment of the railroad to Tuam, principal owing to his indefatigable exertions and influence and that appropriate inscription characterising out feeling of admiration of Mr. Kirwan's character and qualities together with the Castlehackett arms be cut on each side of the clock tower on an ornamental tablet". The resolution was unanimously adopted and 100 was voted towards the project. Fortunately however, the project had to be abandoned as the Board was bankrupt at the time, and the town has been spared another addition to the High Cross, Crane, Market House, Telegraph Pole, Weighbridge, Telephone Kiosk and Sewerage Shaft which now 'adorn' the centre of the Market Square.

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