Eire is Neutral, Library and Propaganda

This article was originally published in the 'Galway Observer' on Saturday, March 2, 1940.

Because Eire is a neutral nation, Mr. C. McGuinness suggests that the Co. Library Committees should not stock any British propaganda.

At the monthly meeting of the Galway Co. Libraries Committee on Saturday, Mr. Eamon Corbett, Chairman, presiding, Mr. McGuinness stated that Eire was a neutral country, and had no special interest in any of the nations at war, therefore he would now propose that no books written by British warmongers or scribblers which were insulting to the Chancellor of the German Reich be allowed into the library in future. They had become a regular clearing-house for British propaganda.

Liam Ua Buachalla was in favour of the suggestion, but suggested that no more books be bought from Great Britain only those of a technical nature. They could bind more of their existing stock, and purchase more Irish classes with the money they would save.

Mr. Cunningham said that the chief function of the library was to provide recreative reading, and the people were entitled to all the variety they could get.

The Secretary (Mr. S. J. Maguire) said there were 75,000 volumes in the library.

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