This article was written by Samuel J. Macguire and originally published in the 'Galway Reader' in the 1950s. The 'Galway Reader' is available from Galway Public Library.

Marriage and Business

From early days business like marriage arrangements had been made and prospects discussed with the utmost frankness. Merchants and landlords were both anxious about their account books, their daughter's marriages and their sons' debts and professions. Since almost everyone regarded it as a grave misfortune to remain single, women did not account it a grievance that their hands should often be disposed of by others. The Connaught Telegraph tells us:

Last Thursday, was married in Dublin, Marcus Lynch of Barna, Esq., to Miss Byrne, daughter of Edward Byrne, Esq., a most agreeable and accomplished young lady with 8,000 fortune. And Mr. M. McGrane of the City of Bordeaux, Merchant, to the most agreeable and accomplished Miss Celia Nally, daughter of Mr. John Nally of this Town; and we are informed also that married in this town was Stephen Blake of Summerville, Esq., to the Widow D'Arcy of Well Park, a most agreeable Lady, with a considerable fortune.

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