Venezuelan-Irish Potato Salad

Recipe by Helena Paneyko

At home, with my parents, we always eat together. Family is very important to us, and in my childhood we had the day divided in two, which allowed us to come home for lunch and a siesta, and then go back to school. I remember always having a very balanced diet, with mostly local ingredients which sometimes are difficult to find elsewhere.

Ingredients (The quantities will depend on how hungry your dinner guests are!)

Red potatoes


Green onions


Boiled (hard eggs)

Onions and garlic



Salt and Pepper

If you can find Heart of Palms and White Hard can add them.


1. Wash, cut in big squares and boil the potatoes. You will know if they are ready by pinching them with a fork. They should not be too soft. Take them out of the water and cool them in the refrigerator.

2. Boil eggs and when done, put them in the fridge.

3. Cut the rest of the ingredients in small pieces.

4. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

5. Add mayo, mustard, salt and pepper as you wish.

...and that is all!

Very simple and fun to do. The whole preparation might take around 20 minutes. It has proteins, fat, carbohydrates in a good proportion. So far, the new version has been a hit!

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