Buildings of Kerry

A wide variety of buildings are featured in the collection. They include churches, commercial buildings, castles, hotels and "big houses".


St.James R.C. Church,Killorglin

A striking photograph of St.James's Catholic Church in Killorglin.. The photograph is particularly interesting as the church was newly built at the time the photograph was taken and work on the interior continued into the 20th century.As individual Lawrence photographs are unable to be dated ,this photograph is estimated to have been taken between 1890 and 1910. The foundation stone for the church was laid in 1886.

St.James R.C. Church,Killorglin -

O'Connell Memorial Church,Cahirsiveen

Lawrence photograph of Cahirsiveen Church.Although the Lawrence Collection was taken between 1890 and 1910 the message on the back indicates that the postcard was sent in the 1920s as it provides some interesting contemperory and now historical information telling the addressee that the library and the workhouse were then occupied by the military.The sender of the postcard is clearly familiar with Cahirsiveen from the past and is not too impressed. She tells her Aunt Julia that it is "the same dirty old place all the time".

O'Connell Memorial Church,Cahirsiveen -

St.Mary's Church,Dingle

Churhes were a popular subject for postcards. This is St.Marys Church in Dingle built in 1807. Posted to New York,the sender places the message on the front-"where I go to pray every Sunday"

St.Mary's Church,Dingle -

Cahernane house,Killarney

The Big House is a regular choice for postcard throughout Kerry County Library's Collection. It offers a glimpse of the lives and lifestyle of the landed gentry. In the case of Cahernane House it has been associated with Florence MacCarthy Mór and the Herbert family.The original building dates back to 1684.Itwas rebuilt in 1877 It has been a hotel for some time.

Cahernane house,Killarney -

Dromore Castle,Kenmare

Described as "an impossible structure of castellated character" it presents a haunting image to the passer-by and its appeal as a subject for a postcard is readily understandable. It was built in the 1830s for Rev. Denis Mahony and remained in family hands until recent times. A song "The Castle of Dromore" was written about it.

Dromore Castle,Kenmare -


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