The Church of Old St. Mary's

The oldest church in Clonmel, St. Mary's is believed to have been built in 1204 by William de Burgo. It was the first building ever to be referenced in the town, appearing in a letter dated August 1228. The entire over ground 13th Century structure has disappeared, but the remains of an armoured knight were found in a vault from that period, under the south aisle, in 1832. The Church as we know it today took shape during the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries. While Cromwell's attack on the town cost the Church its' Tower House (today's vestry), the rest of the Church escaped unscathed.

The Church's main features are a 27ft square, 84 ft high bell tower, the eastern tower house, and ornate 16th Century east and west windows. Major renovations were undertaken on the building in 1805. The Tower had, at one time, a wooden spire and belfry, which has not been restored.

Source - "Clonmel Heritage Trail"


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